GHG reduction Verified Emissions Units (VER)

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Federal legal framework application on GHG emissions and ISO 14064 quantification conformity.

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Carbon Taxes ? 15$ per Ton of eCO2!

To quantify your GHG emission and reduce them, CertiConseil offers you ISO 14064 validation and verification.

The GHG reduction is a necessity. The 71 LCPE imposes that companies set up their carbon accounting. The Federal government has issued its legal framework on GHG industrial emissions. Reduction targets have been set 18%. lower than 2006 level. This tough constraint must be quickly addressed: to have your Technology Early Actions Measures registered and validated (quantified and verified) by Environment Canada. The reduction once validated by Environment Canada could be applied for the company own purpose to meet future targets.

For you it is an opportunity to implement energy eco efficient measures, because there is a whole set of measures to subsidise climate change measures, such as IRAP-NRC, EcoENERGY Technology Inititiatives, previously TEAM, and Sustainable Development Technology Canada. The combination of these subsidies andVerified Emission Units (VER) traded on carbon stock exchange floors gives interesting project returns, lower than 48 months, at today energy cost!

Companies not subject to the GHG quantification and reduction legal framework can adhere to voluntary GHG reductions schemes and trade their VER.

CertiConseil has got the accrediting ISO14064 training (standard for GHG validation and verification) and can offer you integrated GHG quantification and verification services, which also includes GHG reduction recommendations and subsidies sourcing suited to your company. Systems are set up to guaranty emission and reduction reliability (principles of completeness, consistency, transparency ) while being integrated into your existing ISO9001 or ISO14001 management systems.

Why getting my GHG emission and reduction
verified as per ISO 14064?

To use ISO 14064 standard gives you the assurance on validation/verification methods. In addition, as it is an international standard, verification done in Canada
is recognized elsewhere, in USA, in Europe, at corporate level for overseas multinational headquarters as well as voluntary GHG reduction schemes.



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