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Return on investment:
How to improve my bottom line


Competitive advantage, added value and sustainable development: how
certification impacts on my product attributes and make them more competitive on their markets.

Federal legal framework application on GHG emissions and ISO 14064 quantification conformity.

Recognition and third party:
Why an ISO or LEED certification:

Certification and value creation: What are the benefits for my company to engage in a certification and what are the links between efficiency and ecological footprint ?


Canadian Standard
Association CSA:

International Standard
Organisation ISO:

Canadian Green
Building Council CAGBC:

Are you missing opportunities because you
are not certified, you don’t have the ISO certification or a quality system
certified by third party.

Company competitivity is not only measured by its operational returns, but also
by its clients and stake holders satisfaction? An ISO certification is a proof that the company is meeting clients and regulations requirements. To do so requires a management system for quality, environmental or GHG ISO certification.

Implicit market requirements impose to take into account not only the product conformity, but also the company impact on the environment : the ISO certification increases market share, for example + 20% systematically for the environmental most stringent ISO certification.

Why getting certified?

To implement a certification is a profitable investment:

• You get access to new markets, clients are ready to pay a premium for products
  of an ISO certified company.

• You control your non productive costs (product recall, supplementary
   intervention, loss)

• You improve your company and organisation

• You better use your resources.

How does CertiConseil proceed?

CertiConseil has chosen international norms and works across the whole company to certify its activities, its processes or its buildings. CertiConseil intervention addresses, depending on the certification, 5 issues which are to:

• Ensure conformity

• Optimise performances

• Assess risks

• Integrate Sustainable Development

• Control Climatic Changes.

An ISO certification is implemented step by step by closely involving personnel and management in the process. The management system will be tailored to your specific business model and requirements of your industry.

What are the implication of getting an
ISO certification?

To get the ISO certification requires a strong commitment of the management: then,
at the beginning, minimal internal resources are needed to implement the ISO certification, to pass it on to the whole staff and to motivate everyone to endorse it. CertiConseil is there to help you define processes, performances indicators,… all the elements of your management system and to train your personnel.

Once the ISO certification has been granted, the company has little effort to do: its management system has evolved to integrate objectives and performances indicators.



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