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Return on investment:
How to improve my bottom line


Competitive advantage, added value and sustainable development: how
certification impacts on my product attributes and make them more competitive on their markets.

Federal legal framework application on GHG emissions and ISO 14064 quantification conformity.

Recognition and third party:
Why an ISO or LEED certification:

Certification and value creation: What are the benefits for my company to engage in a certification and what are the links between efficiency and ecological footprint ?


Canadian Standard
Association CSA:

International Standard
Organisation ISO:

Puce Canadian Green
Building Council CAGBC:

Design your buildings and structures in conformity with LEED and get LEED certification and implement commissioning in your buildings.

Buildings represent more than a third of total GHG emissions in Canada. To
design LEED buildings brings you :

• A return on investment which may be inferior to 36 months

• A premium of the resale market value of your building up to 8%

• An occupancy rate which superior than average

• A superior per employee productivity, up to 5%

In addition, provincial legislation is going to take into account GHG emission reductions : beside enhancing project return and altering LEED implementation, this will give building owners/operators the opportunity to trade Verified Emission Reductions (VER) in carbon stock exchange. The dual CertiConseil expertise in LEED and GHG quantification/verification helps building owners to decide upon effective LEED implementation strategy and maximize the return

Regarding commissioning –recommissioning- which is a LEED prerequisite, it could be set up in all kind of buildings : it results in savings from 5 to 30% on operating costs. Commissioning principle is, likewise management systems, focused on monitor building performances. Thereby we anticipate on incidents and deviations which may occur in buildings and we act upstream rather than downstream.

To go into further detail on LEED certification,
there are in Canada at the present time 2 schemes:

• NC 1.0 (New Construction) for new or renovated buildings bigger han 600M2

• CI 1.0 (Commercial Interior) which aims at building occupants who want to   minimise their ecological footprint.



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