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Return on investment:
How to improve my bottom line


Competitive advantage, added value and sustainable development: how
certification impacts on my product attributes and make them more competitive on their markets.

Federal legal framework application on GHG emissions and ISO 14064 quantification conformity.

Recognition and third party:
Why an ISO or LEED certification:

Certification and value creation: What are the benefits for my company to engage in a certification and what are the links between efficiency and ecological footprint ?


Canadian Standard
Association CSA:

International Standard
Organisation ISO:

Canadian Green
Building Council CAGBC:

Are you looking for experts, accredited by recognized Canadian Federal bodies, like CSA, or Canadian Green Building Counsel, for GHG Registration/Accreditation and LEED AP, for example?

CertiConseil mission is to assist your company in its development in an efficient and responsible way. To reach this goal CertiConseil works with versed experts, LEED accredited and ISO14064 CSA accredited (GHG Registration). For ISO, LEED and GHG quantification, CertiConseil is accredited by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (previously Emploi-Quebec): for more information on programs offered to businesses, please contact us or visit

Christophe Kaestli. With an engineering background, Christophe Kaestli has more than 20years of experience in ISO certification and management systems. He implements management systems for Quebec and international companies. He also works on product risk management for multinationals (Mc Donald’s). Christophe Kaestli is a certification expert for the European Commission and the United Nations Commerce and Trade. He is accredited product expert by the Russia Federation Industry Ministry. Since 2007 he is LEED professional accredited by the Canada Green Building Council and has been training for being accredited ISO 14064 by Natural Resources Canada. In addition Christophe Kaestli is punctually lecturing on management systems.

The most recent projects of CertiConseil are :

• GHG quantification prequalification for a chemical company.

• Update of an ISO 9001 Quality system for a plastic molding company,

• Implementation of an ISO 17025 electrical laboratory,

• Implementation of energy efficiency for several “commissions scolaires”, and one in   view of LEED certification,

• Implementation of an ISO 9001 certification for a civil engineering company.

Other experts, for example for avionic quality systems AS9100, or LEED
integrated design or data modeling are working on specific projects


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